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>> rick: hello, everybody. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. glad you're with us. >> juliet: topping the news, good to see you by the way. the middle east peace talks face a major crisis this weekend as palestinian president abbas says israel's push to restart settlement construction in the west bank tomorrow could lead to further, quote, violence and conflict. >> rick: the first to respond to ground zero, why is it taking washington so long to pass a bill to cover their health problems? you won't believe some of the reasons that we're hearing. >> juliet: midwest deluge, part of minnesota and wisconsin facing some of the worst flooding in decades. rivers continuing to crest, thousands remaining homeless. >> rick: we begin with a red hot rhetoric over the gop's pledge to america announced this week. president obama taking shots at the plan, saying america's future hangs in the balance. republicans not keeping their powder dry, firing back. dueling addresses with the midterms now less than 40 days away. molly henneberg is live in washington with
>> rick: hello, everybody, i'm rick folbaum welcome to a brand new hour inside americans news headquarters. >> juliet: welcome to the weekend. it's the committee still. the president touts his economic plan this labor day weekend as republicans push their own plans to get america back to work. >> rick: all of this as voters prepare to have their voices heard in the midterm elections now just 59 days away. but who is counting? among them working class voters who historically have always voted for democrats, but, they may be up for grabs this time. a fair and balanced debate is coming up. >> juliet: plans to raise a culprit in bp oil spill have hit a major snag. efforts on the efforts to hoist the blow out preventer. ♪ >> rick: but let's begin with new trouble for democrats ahead of the mid terms. the party currently holding large majorities in both the house and the senate. but several new polls suggest a major shift in the balance of power could be on the way. molly henneberg is live in washington for us. molly, nice to see you. a new poll suggesting that african-americans a
gregg: "america live" begins right now. rick: we begin with fox news alert, president obama leaving washington a couple of minutes ago, on his way to announce new efforts to improve the struggle in the economy. thanks for joining us on "america live." i'm rick folbaum. harris: i'm harris faulkner. we got the video the president leaving for milwaukee wisconsin as the administration tries to improve the job picture for thousands of out of work americans this holiday. rick: combine the under der employed with the unemployed and you have one in every five american workers with either no job or working below their potential. nearly 3 million people unemployed for up to six months, more than 6 million people unemployed for more than six months. kelly wright is live at the white house to tell us what the labor department announced today. kelly, nice to see you. >> reporter: nice to see you as well. the labor department is indeed concerned about the numbers you just mentioned. it's 9.6% unemployment out there. that is not good at all. the labor department wants to do something about it. lab
>> rick: hello, everybody. i'm rick folbaum and welcome to a special edition of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. we have fox team coverage for you. wendell goler is a the white house. ericaw shawn fm ground zer (bell rings). >> rick: we begin at ground zero where hundreds of mourners gathered to remember those who died in the attacks on the world trade center. eric shawn joining us now. an emotion day for so many nine years later. >> it may have been nine years, but today at some points it didn't seem as if a second had gone by. a second when islamic radical terrorists targeted america. members andmily officials and many others gathered here once again for the eighth time at ground zero to remember, to honor,or tey gathered orrow and in grief to pay tribute to those who were killed here. they brought signs and flowers, as well as roses that they placed in the reflective pools and american flags. yet again they recited the names of all the victims, 2752 who were killed byqa al-qaeda, including 343 new york city firefighters. there was no direct mention du
you on a friday, bye bye jenna: hi everybody, thank you for joining us, i'm jenna lee, rick: i'm rick folbaum. "happening now", in' top box, chilling new video from the fbi of the destructive power of the foiled times square bomb attempt and brand new information about a second planned attack. jenna: in the middle box, new details about another terror plot overseas, the shocking revelations about the men allegedly targeting germany, france and the u.k., what this means for our national safety. rick: in the bottom box, a tea party coloring book for kids, now reportedly prompting death threats for the publisher. he joins us live, coming up this hour. yuen jen but we begin with a fox news weather alert, the east coast, socked with a major storm today, now sweating even tornadoes, a very big concern. look at what people in north carolina are dealing with today, nearly two -- 21 inches of rain in wilmington. one woman says she's never seen anything like it: >> i used to live in houston, and i thought i'd seen a lot of rain there, but this is incredible. i've never seen flooding like this.
happens. this is moving north wampltd let's go to rick, with the very latest in the extreme weather center. rick, what is the storm doing right now? >> i was trying to look to see the buoy data. waves up to 12 feet off the outer banks here. this is the latest look at the storm on the radar picture. you can notice, center of the storm, generally, you have the small, compact eye. it is disintegrated, probably going through what would be an eye wall replacement cycle. and that weakens the winds just a little bit. so the strongest of the winds are across a wider area here. they are getting close here toward the outer banks. we will likely see winds up to hurricane force within the next couple of hours or so, but it will be quickly in a pretty small area that sees that. this is a water vapor image, this shows a measure of the atmosphere at a much higher level from 10- to 20,000 feet in the atmosphere. we look at that to get a look at the steering currents for these storms. you will notice the dark air here. there has been high pressure here across the eastern seaboard keeping things extremely h
. having defeated rick lazio, the establishment republican candidate for new york governor. we'll be talking much more about that race later on this hour. carl paladino beating rick lazio for the republican primary for governor in new york state. a shocking, shocking result here in new york state. again, christine o'donnell to fill the senate seat of joe biden. she now moves on to face chris kuhns in the general election. the republican party in delaware is left to figure out if they want to unite behind christine o'donnell as their new candidate. it is not necessarily an easy task given the party chairman recently proclaim she was not a viable candidate for any office in the state of delaware. she could not be elected dog catcher. the state party in delaware also ran robocalls against her today featuring her former campaign manager for one of her many senate campaigns. that campaign manager saying, in those robocalls, that christine o'donnell had lived off campaign donations for her personal expenses. that robocall also calling her a fraud. that was run by the republican party
as the nomination for governor with a candidate named rick lazio, a person they have turned to again and again in new york. most recently he ran and lost very badly against hillary clinton in the year 2000 senate race this year, possibly by default, the state party tapped mr. lazio to run again, this time for new york state governor. now for mr. lazio, winning the general election against the probable democratic nominee, andrew cuomo, might prove to be as futile as his race against hillary clinton was. but it was supposed to be a foregone conclusion that rick lazio would at least get the chance to try, that he would at least make it to the general election, that he would at least be the republican nominee. instead, rick lazio might very well lose his chance to probably lose to andrew cuomo. take a look at this. this is how the republican race has trended over the past five months. that top one there, it's not that we don't have a picture of that candidate, it's literally undecided as in, i don't know, and that's why that candidate is there. back in april, more voters said they were undecided t
for governor. the associated press is now reporting that carl pal dino has defeated the fellow republican rick lazio in that race. a stunning result in the new york governor's race. carl paladino has enjoyed tea party support. he has made himself famous in this campaign because there was a publishing of hard pornographic e-mails that he sent to friends and political associates. the big news so far tonight is the major upset in the state of delaware where tea party favorite cristine o'donnell has defeated mike castle mr. castle thought to be a relative lock in that race just weeks ago. with 100% of precincts now reporting, she defeated mike castle 53-47%. the other big result tonight, carl palodino defeating rick lazio. that is being called by the associated press. that is the republican primary for the governorship in the state of new york. mr. palodino will face andrew cuomo. shortly after the o'donnell versus mike castle results became official in delaware, make castle, the defeated republican establishment candidate in that race, addressed his supporters at his headquarters. >> the last sev
's outer bank. >> we have live team coverage for you. rick leventhal is in montauk, rich reichmuth is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >>> what are you hearing? are there people that left thinking the storm would do more as they come around and turn back. and this may be a great ho
brought to the state's outer bank. >> we have live team coverage for you. rick leventhal is in montauk, rich reichmuth is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >> it depends on travel and whether the flights go in on time. virginia beach was expecting a huge tourist weekend, both the americ
center. who is in there today? rick reichmuth is there. rick, this thing is nuts. >> incredible. you know what, get a storm like this. came out of no where, hermine and was not over the water a long time before making landfall. this area doesn't get this kind of rain this often and some areas have seen over 12 inches of rain and a lot of areas five to eight inches. a vast area normally extremely dry and when the ground is that dry it doesn't absorb the water it runs off quickly and that is what we are seeing. there is a lot more rain still to be had across texas and it is slowly moving towards the north. i think we will see repeat scenes like this that you are looking at across areas of oklahoma into arkansas and missouri over the next couple of days, shep. >> i wonder what it is that caused this amount of volume to happen at this spot at this time. i don't know if we know, do we? >> you get that much rain and you will see that. the smaller streams and dry running area for most of the year don't have any water in them. this area hasn't seen much rain this summer. extremely dry the last co
's yours, and you meet rick rubin, and all that changes. the two of you together develop a sound that kind of crosses borders. how did that come about? how did the walk this way project develop? well, in all fairness, run dmc had made rock box, which was the first hip-hop record on mtv, and in fact, the only black artist on mtv when run dmc got on there was michael jackson. his nose was broken, and his hair was straightened. so he wasn't really speaking about the same cultural, you know, ideals and ideas that run dmc and some of hip-hop talks about. so they were the first time that the ghetto communicated in an honest way their frustrations or their aspirations or their--or their cultural ideas and ideals, like the clothing style. run dmc brought that in rock box, and then they made king of rock, which also played on mtv, and then, the big hit was walk this way, which was the coproduction between rick rubin, myself, and the band. run dmc wanted to make walk this way, but they didn't even know the name of the band. they wanted to make a record called toys in the attic. "you want to make toy
. >> reporter: we met rick harrison in a las vegas subdivision, kicking the tires on a 1962 cadillac fleet wood he was considering buying. >> nice. >> reporter: the owner sees a big payday. >> i think it's got to be worth, after it is fixed up, $15,000. i'd like to get between five and eight out of it. >> reporter: but that rick. if there's a flaw, he'll find it. >> this baby blue velour just ain't going to sell. >> reporter: the whole negotiations happens under the scrutiny of television cameras. >> i'm rick harrison, and this is my pawnshop. >> reporter: rick runs the famed gold and silver pawnshop on las vegas boulevard. his shop and family are the focus of one of the top rated shows on cable television. the history channel's "pawn stars." he's not just some guy running a seedy pawnshop. he's a star. they buy people's gold rings, art work, antique guns. or loan money on items put up for collateral. what's called a pawn. and who knew that the workings of a pawnshop could be so entertaining? >> i have something that you might be interested in. >> i have a flask. not just any flask. >> reporter
visibility. >> jon: good advice for anyone on the outskirts of earl's most hazardous area. rick leventhal live on montauk on the eastern end of long island. what's it look like now, rick? >> jon, conditions have deteriorated rapidly over the past couple of hours. in fact, we just lost our satellite signal briefly a short time ago. we are getting heavy rain bands. winds teens and 20's expected to gust into 30's and 40s. montauk did not get a direct hit from hurricane earl but they are getting pounded most visibly by the waves. vicious, vicious surf has been crashing on shore for the past couple of days forcing beaches to close entirely. you can see why. going out into that surf could be deadly. in fact, in new jersey, two young men tried to go out into the water. one on tuesday in as bury park and one yesterday in bellmar and near one of those men came out alive. that's why officials are trying to keep these records clear. they are expected to churn for at least another day or two, jon. the skies should clear up and the rest of the weekend should be sunny. not clear if diminish actually go
there on the front page of its website. does it ring a bell, center for consumer freedom? rick berman. of course the lobbyist, pr guy who makes up fake nonprofit groups that promote stuff like tanning beds are good for you and don't worry about mercury in fish. berman has tried sell the idea upping the minimum wage is bad for people who make minimum wage somehow. he also hates the humane society. yes, the humane society. rick berman's m.o. is to create fake citizen groups and muddy the waters with fake science to give the impression that maybe transfats clean out your arteries. second hand smoke is delicious. drunk driving not that bad. happy 30th birthday mothers against drunk driving may you be a thorn in rick berman's side to come. given what rick berman's m.o. is you're forgiven if you thought of rick berman and his black is white, day is night down the rabbit hole corporate p.r. strategy last week when you heard the corn refiners corporation was trying to change the name from fructose syrup into corn sugar. because corn sugar sounds delicious. right on cue, rick berman joined in on the cons
is bearing down on bermuda right now. this could be a long and punishing storm. a live report from rick leventhal in bermuda, straight ahead. >> standoff in texas just coming to a dramatic end. police say the gunman shot two deputies and another man and opened fire at a police helicopter. >> one of three american hikers detained for over a year in iran on her way home. sarah shourd making a quick stop in oman before she heads to the states. in new york tomorrow. >> grand ole party infighting. lisa murkowski saying she will fight on, despite losing last month's gop primary to tea party favorite joe miller. murder could you ski planning to run as -- murkowski planning to run as a write-in candidate. this is not sitting well with many. why go ahead with this despite her primary loss? >> reporter: juliette, good to see you. because the race was very close. her opponent and attorney out of alaska joe miller only won by 1600 votes. not a very big margin whatsoever. despite losing however, murkowski has a lot of name recognition in alaska. she served as state congresswoman for a few years. her
devil hills, north carolina. first to the chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center. rick, have you been saying it's going to lessen in intensity and it has. >> yeah. take that right-hand turn which is also good news. all of our graphics located because this information comes out and take as second to get that going. this is a look at earl here. one other thing come out in the advisory to me is a little more interesting is calling the movement at 10 degrees instead of dew north. earlier 355 we were saying and dew north. slight easterly jog and that's what you want to see in the direction of this. so we still have a hurricane advisory going on. we have our warnings in effect in the north carolina, virginia border down towards bogue inlet. we will see likely hurricane wind gusts going through here and also winds coming out of the north. that is going to cause for overwash of those roads and this outer bank area. but, from the sound side, not necessarily from the coast side. so that's possibly one thing we are going to be dealing with and then around 24 hours fro
: but if there's a flaw, rick will find it. >> this ain't going to sell, you know? >> reporter: the whole negotiations happens under the skritny of television cameras. >> i'm rick, and this is my pawnshop. >> reporter: rick runs the famed gold and silver pawnshop on las vegas boulevard. his shop and family are the focus of one of the top rated shows on cable television. the history channel's "pawn stars." he's not just some guy running a seedy pawnshop. he's a star. they buy people's gold rings, art work, antique guns. or loan money on items put up for collateral. and who knew that the workings of a pawnshop could be so entertaining? >> i have something that you might be interested in. >> i have a flask. not just any flask. >> reporter: central casting couldn't have found these guys. that's rick's son cory. >> to be honest with you, chief, i could offer you 100 bucks, man. >> reporter: his father richard is the crusty founder. >> in the economy right now. >> reporter: and their employee chumle is the foil. >> how is it going? >> fine. i have a print i'd like you to take a look at. >> from
-president. that was sarah palin, senator rick santorum, congressman paul ryan. jim demints, governor mike huckabee and that the organizers obviously of this, the three-day conference of you know, the biggest names in conservative politics, organized by the family research council, the president of which, tony perkins, he called the mike pence, sarah palin the dream ticket and it's interesting because all of these are obviously conservatives, they're all fellow republicans, yet, they could be potential opponents, i mean, you know, competitors. >> yeah. >> they're supporting each other, but two years from now they may be actually going to the an against each other, it's an interesting precursors to all of that. >> it appears that newt gingrich will be running in 2012 and he spoke at the value voters summit, he was fired up and pulling no punches and hitting on everything from the ground zero mosque to christine o'donnell to lisa murkowski and the new energy brought to the party by the tea party, here is what he had to say. >> we are at a great crossroads of american history and that's part of why i
rick klein. and, rick, when you see and hear that, what does it tell you? >> republicans are eager to meet president obama on the economic playing field at the wants to have that debate, particularly when it comes to taxes. now, the bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. democrats want to let them expire for those making $250,000 a year or more. republicans are saying, they need to be extended across the board so as not to hurt the recovery that's still lagging. this is the kind of debate, david, that both sides are eager to engage in. >> and, rick, you and i were talking earlier. there's been so much talk of the behind-the-scenes strategy for the democrats, who gets campaign support and who doesn't. the democrats' teetering could be passed over? >> that's right. democrats are close to declaring some of these races all but done including some members -- some incumbent members of congress who are in very tough race. these are members of congress like betsey markey from colorado who represents a large rural eastern colorado district frank kratovil from maryland's hea
that government program will be saved. rick rodgers is a certified financial planner and author of "the new three-legged stool: a tax efficient approach to retirement planning". welcome to the show rick. so what age groups cannot rely on social security when they retire? i think every age group can count on it. it is important for your viewers to remember social security is not just a retirement program, it's an important insurance program that covers disability benefits as well. but i think the retirement benefits are gonna look vastly different from those that are under 50 verses those that are over 50. ok, but even those that are under 50 will likely continue to get some form of social security when they retire? if they live long enough. so i think is going to be a lot retire in it before they can go for benefits. also i think it would be some kind of means testing so you can't make too much money. ok, let's talk about the possible fixes to make sure social security does last a long time. that is number one, raising the retirement age. now how high and what kind of savings could we see? well i
but let's go to rick leventhal first in montaup, new york. >> conditions here pretty mild right now. no rain's fallen here in montauk. the beaches were closed all day thursday. expect them to be closed all day friday and into saturday as well. we expect bad weather to hit here sometime later this morning, perhaps midday until 10:00, 11:00 tonight. they're talking about rainfall and winds in the tropical storm range but certainly the big story about earl is he is not going to become one of the greatest hits in montauk, not one of the hurricanes of that made landfall here and that's great news for the folks up and down the east coast, guys. >> what are the big concerns there right now, rick? >> well, one of the big concerns is beach erosion with this churning surf shopping stuff off. the other big concern is people going into the water. all the beaches are closed but they don't have enough lifeguards to man all the 17 miles of beach in the eastham ton township alone. here's more from the town supervisor. >> there's so many tourists in this area and so many non-residents. they don't ha
that officials say remains, quote one of the worst to threaten our shores. rick leventhal on the southern shore of bermuda. good evening, rick. >> hey, julie. we're being buffeted by gusts here, hurricane strength. the sustained winds on the island clocked around 60 miles an hour or 70 miles per hour or more. tomorrow the lights flickered here more than once and we've lost internet as well and certainly the storm was much more powerful earlier and could have been a lot worse, but take a look how powerful it was, down at the beach. less than two hours ago. >> this area, normally of beach used by guests of the hotel and completely chewed away. and the water recedes take a look at boulders down there normally buried under several feet of sand and now completely exposed because of the churning wave action. some of the waves so powerful they're splashing over top of that 30 to 40 foot cliff wall and hitting the third floor balcony on the can does and that's where the guests have been moved because it's considered the safest area near, this where we're standing is a restaurant patio at least one rail
helicopter pilot rick, his wife caroline and his step children hannah and josh headed to the indoor rock- climbing wall. they cheered and helped each other up the wall, struggled and laughed. >> good job. >> suarez: out of the helmets and harnesses and back on solid ground, the tailors looked back on rick's deployment to iraq. >> it was pretty scary having rick gone. >> his deployment was very rough. we had some very unexpected things happen. so we survived. >> suarez: but it was the return home that was toughest for rick. >> we always pulled out these injured people and stuff. you get that attitude that you kind of turn off the emotion. you know, it's like nothing matters. that's how you get through the day. that's how you are able to get back in that helicopter the next night and go get somebody. but then you get home and you still have it. you can't really have that attitude when you have a wife and kids. you just don't care about stuff. >> i said to him when he first came... not when he first came home but probably maybe i'd say maybe three or six months later, i'm like you are not t
coast in almost two decades. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth live in extreme weather center for the details of this one. where is it going? >> you know what? luckily we have seen a bit of a right jog in the last few frans in the last couple of hours. here is a look at the radar picture. see that center of it put my finger right there and see where it starts? there you go. it takes that jog to the east. none the less, there is some very heavy rain there that is right about to get toward the outer banks. as the storm continues to move closer we will see rain and wind. i want to get nerdy on you here with some of the images and water vapor image. this is how much water content is in the atmosphere much higher up around 10 to 18,000 feet up. you look at this and see this. it's very dry air. we have been dealing with extremely high temperatures all across the eastern seaboard and you see that big ridge there. this is what we have been watching. that is a trough pulling in and expect that thing to accelerate but also making it hard to track. take a look. here is the storm. this is
favorite rick lazio for the right to take on andrew cuomo. the question is can karl paladino at least make things interesting? we'll see. and just a couple of days after california gubernatorial candidate jerry brown brought up monica lewinsky, clinton endorses brown. will the campaign rivals and new best buds stand arm in arm on stage? way it too early for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is way too early, the show that rode a wave of anti-establishment sentiment into this job. i'm glad you're up with us this morning. shoot me an event mail at way too early at msnbc.com. let me know why you're awake. or you can come text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be a cram session for this wednesday, september 15th. a lot to tell you about today, including charlie rangel brushesing off ethics charges to keep his seat and the mayor of washington, d.c. losing his. plus, a little extra inning drama for you in the battle for first place between the yankees and rays in tampa, the reeling yanks blew
manic monday. >> the guys from nest one, they're all here. we have fan man, the maniac and raven rick and who else? [ indiscernible ] >> good to see you. we want to do a little thing? >> you know, the dance ray lewis does when he opens the game, right? >> we got a little something for you here. >> they have it with a new little wrinkle. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's the greatest! >> hey, i want to bring the cheerleaders over. the ladies were nice enough to come down. michelle, how are you? >> good morning, baltimore, we can't wait for the season to start. >> you have a big event coming up. >> wednesday, we'll be at high tops and there will be all 38 girl and come out and get your calendars, we'll be at power plant thursday featuring buck cherry and purple friday. we'll be in the caravan. follow us also. >> thank you. >> and we have a big day? >> september 25th. the county executive in harford county, it's raven county on the 25th. be there at 12:30! >> tom, come here. one of our seat mates is here from 540. how are you dog? >> you ready for the season? >> sure! >>> give me one of
live to our dear colleague rick levanthal whose brave reporting as the towers collapsed helped propel fox news into the heart of the journalism. how different is this night. >> the night is lit by the two columns of beautif light. i don't know if you can see the sparkles but a dramatic sight from jersey city in liberty otate park. a difficult day for many of us who were there that morning, that deray when the towers were hit and then the towers felt. certainly the most difficult day i ever had in my 23 years of reporting trying to stay focused and do my job surrounded by uncertainty. >> geraldo: you heard former new york governor george pa pay petacchi saying this is not the day for this kind of provokation. what do you think, rick? >> reporr: i think there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue and it is n goin away any time soon. in general terms if someone is was going to build something some where and 70% of the people across the country didn't think it was a good idea that person might want to rethink the location of where they were putting that cultural center. i mean in
prevailed in new york state, too. carl paladino who beat out congressman rick lassio. norah o'donnell is breaking down the winners and losers. all right, certainly wasn't dull last night. let's start in delaware. so, you've got, you've got this christine o'donnell who, for a lot of people, it seemed, came out of no where. she beat a guy who had all the experience, had quite a bit of money, what happened there? >> well, now you have the republican hopes of winning joe biden's seat shattered. i mean, she is not the republican's dream candidate. she is their nightmare candidate. the state gop chair in delaware has called her dilutional and said she cannot be elected a dogcatcher. there are a lot of enraged and stunned republicans here in washington. saying privately they will probably not pour any money into that race and it's done and it's now likely the democrats will hold that seat and hold on to joe biden's seat. i think what's also stunning about it. not only it shows the power of the tea party and palin-endorsed candidate, but also what christine od'donnell herself sad this
that america is isla ma phobic, that israel doesn't care about peace. managing editor rick stengel will be here. >>> washington post sports writer mike wise puts a fake scoop on twitter and winds up with a month's suspension for the talk radio stunt. did he get off too easy? we'll ask him. >> plus, a new political website in texas has yet to make a dime. does this sort of journalism have a future? i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> it was presidential obama's second formal address from the oval office about a bloody war that dominated american politics for years and left the media's reputation tarnished. the stage seemed set for a major international story. >> so tonight, i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. "operation iraqi freedom" is over. this was my pledge to the american people as a candidate for this office. >> and for a few hours at least, most conservative commentators denigrated the speech while liberal commentators didn't much like it either but they're still mad at george bush. >> some of us here on the factor were discussing why the
the resort island which is located 600 miles out in the atlantic. rick leventhal is live in bermuda where the only good news is maximum sustained winds at 35 miles an hour it is less powerful than it was a couple days ago. as you can see from what rick is enduring there it is still pretty severe. take it away, mate. describe what you feel and what you are seeing. >> geraldo, i am with a very experienced crew, photographer paul celeste producer and drou foam have been covering hurricanes for more than two decades none of us can recall a category 1 that packed this powerful of a punch not just the palm trees blowing behind me we are going to turn the light down and try to give you a look at the violent surf pounding against the cliffs here. it is really probably a testament to the fact that we are on the southern coa coast o bermuda and we are taking a direct hit sustained winds in the 70s perhaps 80s certainly gusts higher than that. this is one view. we want to show you what it looked like a few hours ago before the sunset at the ocean level. take a look. >> even though igor has been dow
be another stunner. primary governor, rick lazio was considered the favorite not that long ago. tea party candidate carl paladino is a republican developer. let's look at these numbers. 67% for the tea party carl paladino. 33%, a poor showing for rick lazio. anderson this has been holding up and that would be another big message here. carl paladino the tea party candidate saying this is an established republican. we will watch that as it plays out. and the d.c. mayoral race, no results. getting late. we're wondering where the votes are. the democratic incumbent, running against the chairman of the city council. his message has been the african-american mayor lost touch with the african-american community. school reform, cannot tell you anything at the moment. we would like for those numbers right there, we're ready to make a call and the new york republican governor's race. we're ready to make this call, cnn projecting a major upset tonight, carl paladino, the tea party candidate, cnn projects he will be the republican nominee for governor defeating the man who just weeks ago was not to b
th district. this could be another stunner. the new york primary for governor. rick laszio was considered the favorite, tea party candidate karl palladino. you might get a gasp. 67% for the tea party's carl palladino, 33% for rick lazio. this is holding up. karl paladino saying this is an establishment republican. we need a break in the party. the d.c. mayoral race. no results in this one. getting late after 11:00, the democratic republican adrian feinty running against vincent gray. gray says the african-american mayor lost touch with the african-american community. school reform a huge issue. can't tell you anything at this moment. i'm being told we are ready to make a call in the new york republican governor's race. we are ready to make this call. cnn projecting another major upset. carl paladino. cnn projects he will be the republican nominee for mayor defeating the man who was thought to be the favorite rick lazio. karl paladino will face andrew cuomo, the son of the former governor. he will be favored in that race, but, wow, another upset. another message to the repub
the senate in november. this one could be another big tea party surprise, the state of new york. rick lazio, he is the establishment favorite to be the republican candidate, developer carl paladino, very early results here in new york, let's take a look at the numbers. rick lazio trailing, 72% for the tea party candidate, carl paladino at the moment. 28% for rick lazio. just 7% of the vote in there, but on a night like this, we've seen it happen in delaware, it could be happening in new hampshire, we'll keep an eye on new york. >> that's huge, 72%. do we know where that's coming from? are those kind of skewed based on where it's coming from in the state? >> we don't know yet, that's where we're breaking down as they come in. you're in new york city, it's a big diverse state, we have to be very careful when the numbers are in down below 7%. but paladino, a tea party candidate running against the establishment, that's a good start. long way to go. >> do we know about the rangel race? >> haven't seen results on that one yet, and, of course, that is a dramatic primary. he's seeking his 21st ter
of honor next month. those are your headlines. >> all right. let's check in with rick reichmuth this morning, yes, indeed. there he is. and hey, rick, it's much cooler and i'm loving this. >> isn't this nice? we had five days in a row of 90's across the northeast, a major heatwave. look at the blues, 50 that's and 40's and lighter purple. 30's across areas of minnesota and cold air in, it's not going to stay, but coming in waves throughout this week or so. that we'll see some kind of dips and see a little bit of cold air. no real rain to speak of. anywhere across the u.s. the eastern part looking great and across the south a few showers into florida and this bit of a system will bring showers across the far northern plains today. aside from that, things are pretty calm. we're going to continue to watch the tropics and this is was gastone and people will see redevelopment over the next couple of days and yesterday the wave that was here and it's a little more interesting right now and this could be some tropical development and a little more interesting, closer to land. and we co
thing. as you can see there is a third storm in the mix, too. tropical storm karl. rick reichmuth with the news live in the fox extreme weather center. where are these things going. >> they all keep going out to sea which is good news. a long time left in the season. we will see some more that get closer to the u.s. right now these are the two, shepard, out here. that one is not a big issue for us. but this is igor, a really impressive storm on the satellite imagery. the tracks of both julia and igor make this right-hand turn once again. bermuda taking a hit from this category 2 storm sunday into monday. that's the biggest threat from these two big storms. then we turn our attention to karl, which made landfall here in the yucatan peninsula earlier this morning, shepard. it's going to move back across this water which is really warm and strengthen up to hurricane status before making second landfall. that can be very devastating for the folks in mexico. i want to talk, shepard, we're in the middle of this very active season. typically by this time we have woo have seen about six s
meteorologist rick reichmuth, and first, from wttg live in annapolis, maryland, you are on the waterfront, how is it looking? >> it is moving in land there, shep, five to nine inches of rain has fallen so far and the worst coastal flooding, since hurricane isabel, 2003 and this is the main drag in downtown annapolis, from a foot to two feet of water and pan off to the left and you see a business owner trying to protect his ice cream store, and, her sven storm, in isabelle, $40,000 in damage, lost all the equipment and he has had two layers of sandbags and two shipments and the sewer system is backing up but he is fighting it on both ends and the videotape we can show you from earlier, before sundown and some of the midshipmen from the nearby naval academy, running through the town and through the streets, saturated with not only bay water but also the sewage here and braving the elements, as more sandbags come in, they are keeping their fingers crossed, high tide is not for three hours and several more hours of heavy rain expected, off and on rain in annapolis, shep. >> shepard: and, good luck
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